Writing? That too an article, for Dental Magazines?

Meh! I don’t even write the content for my Dental Practise website (that my service provider is asking for)

Sounds familiar?

Are you the one who says such things when asked about writing content for your website or for dental magazines? If YES is your answer, please read along.

So, one of the amazing benefits of getting yourself featured in Dental Magazines is it helps you to show the world, What EXTRA you are doing at your workplace.

Enhances your identity as a practitioner and also makes helps boost your clientele in a longer run.

Here’s the reason why we as dentists, find it difficult to create content for Dental Magazines and even our Dental Practice Website:

1. Not consuming enough content

Researching while writing for a Dental Blog is important. This eliminates all the possibilities of wrong information being served to the readers.

If you are not consuming a lot of content, you won’t be able to find that inspiration to create content.

Furthermore, it also decreases your ability to work on creative ideas regarding the content on your website and the content strategy.

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2. The human psyche

As human beings, we find it very easy when we are asked to communicate via speech. According to one study, we are scared to do something that leaves a permanent impact on something, at first. Such as creative writing.

We often need a push.

3. The art of writing and the skillset

Some of us think that we aren’t hardwired for writing and drafting articles for magazines and blog posts. And that is true, but it is not something that you can’t learn in the due course of time.

Writing for a magazine or a blog is a written form of the same content that you often speak DAILY.

Though, one must follow the usual rules about language such as grammar and other intricacies.

4. Platform

I meet a lot of people, and whenever I ask them to share their views about this whole publishing issue, this one seems to be their topmost concern.


What’s that ideal platform for dentists, where they can get their views? And that too, without dealing with a lot of hassle?

Well, there are many. A lot of publishing houses are eagerly looking for content. The real problem is, there isn’t enough GOOD QUALITY content for Dental Magazines, yet.

DentalReach is amongst one of the best Dental Magazines platform out there. We’re here for quite some time and we are here to stay.

Now that we are aware of some of the most common excuses, here is something to boost your morale.

Why Dentists must get their content featured in Dental Magazines?

Before that,

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Did you know that there are over 93 Dental Journals and 197 Dental Magazines as of 2019?

DentalReach analysis on journals vs magazines in dentistry

So, why should you, “The Dentist of the Modern Age”, get yourself featured in DentalReach Magazine?

1. Exposure | Recognition

Writing and getting your articles published in Dental Journals often helps you to gain popularity and along with that it exposes you to newer paradigms.

Dentists are known for their game-changing excellence. Whether it is smile designing or implant surgeries, there is a lot to share with the community.

You can share your well-documented cases, in dental magazine and journals.

This will not only help expose you among a lot of youngsters but also, people will start looking up to you.

2. Self/Dental Office promotions – and getting more clients

Tell a Story, a story about your journey, about;

How you started, What’s your work regime, How you and your team takes care of your patients.

You see, if there is a STORY, there’ll be EYES reading it.

3. Helps you to remember, understand and gain a different perspective

Writing is an art, no doubt about it. But once you start writing for Dental Magazines, sooner or later you are going to realize that this is adventurous.

You see, there is no direct reward, but the feeling and inner joy of publishing your article or story can’t be explained in words.

4. Helps improve your CV

Publishing a scientific paper, not only helps you get an extra entry in your CV but also it empowers you academically.

You end up learning more. And this is where the real growth lies.

5. Meeting like-minded people

Meeting the like-minded people, when you really go out there helps you to build rapport.

As a social animal, we often feel the need to connect with like-minded people, to learn from each other. One greater advantage being in such company is you’re now a part of a group. The ramifications of a collective effort(s) of YOUR GROUP are endless in the field of Dentistry in 2019.

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6. Opens a lot of Gateways

All of this, opens up a lot of opportunities for the Dentist so that they can do a lot better for the humankind.

Publishing your work in a Journal or Magazine, just opens a lot of Gateways.

Once you put yourself out there, it’ll be easier for you to get your work published in other Journals and Magazines too.

Ripple effect.

7. Greater Good – By contributing to Dental Magazines

Think of a world beyond you, beyond your ego. Share what you know, with the world out there, HELP them.

Sure, there will be no IMMEDIATE benefits but you are going to have some long term benefits.

Publishing your work in Dental Journals and Dental Magazines seems fun, for sure. But in actuality, it gets a little difficult. Because writing is just one bit of publishing.

Don’t worry nowadays almost all the publishing houses, even we at DentalReach have a fleet of editors, designers, and media experts to make sure that your work is presented well.


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