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(If you are a dentist, you can share these tips with your patients by telling them verbally/handing them a print out of this article/ simply sharing the browser link with them. If you are a patient, please continue reading!)

Caring for your dental prosthesis, whether it is removable or fixed, is essential for its long -term success and for ensuring that it continues to function properly. By following a few simple care tips, you can maintain the longevity and effectiveness of their dental prosthesis.

10 Dental Prosthesis Care Tips

  1. Brush your dental prosthesis daily, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste. This will help to remove plaque and food particles, and will prevent the build-up of bacteria.
  2. Rinse your dental prosthesis after each meal to remove any remaining food particles. This will help to prevent bad breath and the growth of bacteria.
  3. Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaners on your dental prosthesis, as these can damage the surface of the prosthesis. Instead, use a specially-formulated cleaner designed for use on dental prostheses, as suggested by your dentist.
  4. Store your removable dental prosthesis in a clean, dry place when not in use. This will prevent it from becoming damaged or contaminated.
  5. Avoid exposing your removable dental prosthesis to extreme temperatures, such as hot water or direct sunlight. This can cause the prosthesis to warp or become damaged.
  6. Handle your removable dental prosthesis with care, and avoid bending or twisting it. This can cause the prosthesis to break or become damaged.
  7. Use a mouthguard when playing sports or engaging in activities that may cause trauma to your mouth. This will protect your dental prosthesis and your natural teeth.
  8. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings, and inform your dentist if you experience any discomfort or problems with your dental prosthesis.
  9. Avoid using tobacco products, as these can stain your dental prosthesis and increase your risk of oral health problems.
  10. Consider using a denture adhesive to improve the fit and stability of your removable dental prosthesis. However, avoid using excessive amounts of adhesive, as this can cause the prosthesis to become difficult to remove.
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By following these 10 dental prosthesis care tips, your patients can maintain the health and effectiveness of their dental prosthesis. By brushing, rinsing, and storing their prosthesis properly, avoiding damaging substances and activities, and visiting their dentist regularly, your patients can ensure that their dental prosthesis continues to function properly and supports their oral health.


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